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    Council Committees

    Advisory Committee for Graduate Employment
    1. Terms of Reference
      1.1 to advise the President, the Council and the Senate, as appropriate, on matters relating to student employment and graduate employment;
      1.2 to promote employment opportunities for the University's graduates by maintaining appropriate liaison with the Hong Kong community;
      1.3 to advise the President and the Student Development Services, as appropriate, on careers counselling activities; and
      1.4 to present an annual report to the Council and to the Senate on the activities of the Advisory Committee.
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : A prominent figure from commerce/industry
        Members : One representative from each of a number of designated public bodies concerned with graduate employment, namely:
      - Hong Kong Government, Civil Service Bureau
      - Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
      - Federation of Hong Kong Industries
      - Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
      - Hong Kong Council of Social Service
      - Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
      - Chinese General Chamber of Commerce
      - Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management
          Up to five individuals from local industry and commerce, invited in their
        personal capacity, preferably Personnel Managers
          A member of the University Council selected from amongst those appointed
        under section 10(1)(f) of the University Ordinance
          A representative from City University of Hong Kong Convocation
          Seven University staff, namely:
      - President (Deputy Chairman of the Committee)
      - Three academic Heads of Departments, nominated by the President and appointed by the Senate
      - Vice-President (Student Affairs)
      - Dean of Students
      - Director of Student Development Services
          Two students nominated by the Students' Union
          One postgraduate student nominated by the CityU Postgraduate Association
    Secretary : A staff member of the Student Development Services nominated by Vice-President (Student Affairs)
    Last modified on 22 January 2015