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    Council Committees

    Community Relations Committee
    1. Terms of Reference
      To work with and advise the University management in the development and execution of strategies to:
      1.1 promote the University’s image, brand and reputation as a leading global destination for research and professional education;
      1.2 generate sustained community support and secure donations from staff, alumni, students and the public at large;
      1.3 enhance the University’s networks with key stakeholders, including, but not limited to, opinion leaders, employers, the media community and secondary schools;
      1.4 cultivate a socially responsible culture within the University community underpinned by the core values of the University; and
      1.5 promote and oversee the development of the University’s social responsibility endeavours in accordance with the University’s Social Responsibility Charter.
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : Lay member of Council
        Members : Five lay members of Council
    Vice-President (Development and External Relations)
    Vice-President (Student Affairs)
    Chairman of the Convocation
    Senate member on Council
    One elected staff member on Council
    President of the Students' Union
    Elected postgraduate student member on Council
        In attendance : Provost
    Vice-President (Administration) 
    Secretary to Council
    Associate Vice-President (Development and Alumni Relations)
    Director of Communications and Public Relations
        Secretary : Director of Development

    28 March 2019