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    Council Committees

    Executive Committee
    1. Terms of Reference
      1.1 to review the work of the standing committees of Council and to consider Committee reports and papers before they are presented to the full Council;
      1.2 to consider and take action on behalf of the Council, when a meeting of the Council is not imminent, on any matter normally considered by the Council, with the exception of matters which are precluded from delegation by the Ordinance. Such action shall be reported at the next regular meeting of the Council;
      1.3 to deal on behalf of the Council with all contractual matters personal to the post of President and Deputy President, and to make recommendations to the Council where appropriate; and
      1.4 to advise the Council on any matters referred to it by the Council or any committees of the Council.
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : Chairman of the Council
        Members : Officers of the University
    Deputy Chairman of the Council
          Standing Committee Chairmen unless included in the above
    Audit Committee
    Committee on Statutes
    Community Relations Committee
    Finance Committee
    Human Resources Committee
        Secretary : Secretary to Council

    Last modified on 27 March 2014