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    Council Committees

    Finance Committee
    1. Terms of Reference
      The following Terms of Reference and associated responsibilities of the Finance Committee cover all the operations of the University and its subsidiary companies:
      1.1 to advise the Council of the financial implications of the University's strategic and operational plans;
      1.2 to advise and recommend to Council the financial strategy for the University's long term development;
      1.3 to recommend to Council the annual and triennial budgets of the University;
      1.4 to oversee the formulation and review the investment policies and strategies, including borrowing of monies for any purpose, to approve the appointment of financial institutions and professionals, and to monitor the performance of fund managers;
      1.5 to monitor the Board of Trustees' management of the superannuation schemes;
      1.6 to approve the financial management policies and procedures of the University and to monitor their effectiveness;
      1.7 to approve the establishment of subsidiaries and associated companies of the University, to oversee the establishment of "spin-off" companies under CityUE Group and to review their performance and possible disestablishment; and
      1.8 to consider any matter referred to the Committee by the Council.
    (a) The Committee should receive for information the annual financial statements reviewed by the University's auditors which present the final outcome of the University's investments for the financial year.
    (b) To enhance communication between the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee for matters relevant to both Committees, cross-membership between the committees is recommended.
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : Treasurer
        Members : Four lay members of Council
    One external member
    One elected staff member on Council
        In attendance : Vice-President (Administration)
    Vice-President (Research & Technology)
    Secretary to Council
        Secretary : Director of Finance

    Last modified on 20 January 2014