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    Council Committees

    Human Resources Committee
    1. Terms of Reference
      1.1 to oversee the development of the University's Human Resources Strategy in relation to the approved Strategic Plan of the University;
      1.2 to recommend for Council approval all policies relating to the employment of University personnel including:
      - Recruitment and Selection,
      - Compensation and Benefits,
      - Performance Management,
      - Discipline and Grievance,
      - Redundancy and Voluntary Departure Schemes,
      - Staff Development and Retention,
      - Staff Relations;
      1.3 to recommend for Council approval the annual salary review;
      1.4 to monitor the University's operation of policies relating to Statutory Requirements including equal opportunities; and
      1.5 to consider any other human resources matters referred to the Committee by the Council.
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : Lay member of Council
        Members : Four lay members of Council
    One external member
    One elected staff member on Council
        In attendance : Provost
    Vice-President (Administration)
    Secretary to Council
        Secretary : Director of Human Resources

    Last modified on 20 January 2014