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    Council Committees

    Review Committee
    1. Terms of Reference
      1.1 the purpose of the Review Committee is to consider serious breaches of acceptable behavior of University staff which could possibly constitute a criminal offence under Hong Kong Law. The Committee is charged with the responsibility of deciding whether or not to report individual cases to the law enforcement agencies;
      1.2 the Committee is required to investigate such cases, to the limit of its powers to uncover the related evidence and to apply the test of reasonable probability in its judgment to determine whether the case should be reported to the authorities;
      1.3 the Committee will meet on an "as needs" basis. Normally cases will be referred to the Committee by the President or the Chairman of Council but exceptionally individual members of staff can bring matters to the attention of the Committee under the protection of the policy on "whistleblowing".
    2. Constitution  
        Chairman : Chairman of the Council
        Members : Deputy Chairman of the Council
    Chairman of the Audit Committee
    Chairman of the Human Resources Committee
    One member of the Senate drawn from a panel of three
        appointed by Chairman of the Council and the President
    One member of the Teaching and Administrative staff drawn
        from a panel of three appointed by Chairman of the
        Council and the President
        In attendance : In-House Legal Counsel
        Secretary : Secretary to Council

    Last modified on 23 November 2010