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    Student Orientation

    The University's Orientation Programme normally takes place one week before the semester begins. Some of the Orientation Programme events are tailor-made for non-local students. All new students should attend the Orientation Programme whenever possible.

    The Orientation Programme for Non-local Students usually includes the following:

    • Welcoming Session – Conducted by the Global Engagement Office (GEO), useful information and survival tips will be provided to help students settle in better and easier.
    • Introduction to Academic Systems and Regulations of CityU – Students will receive information on the academic systems and regulations that students at CityU need to pay attention to.
    • Meetings with Local Authorities and Consular Officials – To safeguard students' well-being and interests, local government and foreign consular officials will brief students about things they will need to know when they are studying and living in Hong Kong.
    • Campus and Neighbourhood Tour – To help familiarize students with the campus and its surrounding areas, a student guide will lead a tour around the main campus and the neighbourhood.
    • Library Orientation – An orientation session specially prepared for non-local students will introduce the services and resources of the Library and provide hands-on practice in locating the resources in the Library.
    • Coffee Breaks – A warm hospitality from the University to give arriving students a chance to meet and mingle with fellow students from the local community and around the world.
    • City Excursion – Outings to local places and scenic spots to get to know the city better.