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    Each year, over 1,200 students participate in Student Exchange Programme (SEP) and study at our partner institutions all around the world. As an exchange student, you will gain a new learning experience through staying with one of our partner institutions in 41 countries/regions for one semester/term. Under the SEP, you may earn and transfer your academic credits back to CityU without paying tuition fee to the host institution. If you are looking for to a life-changing experience, SEP is the right thing for you!

    10 Reasons to Go on Exchange

    • Appreciate new cultures and values
    • Become more confident
    • Gain lifelong friendship
    • Obtain global knowledge
    • Enhance independent thinking and decision making skills
    • Sharpen interpersonal social skills
    • Acquire self-management skills
    • Polish language ability
    • Enhance career prospect
    • Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and have fun

    Eligibility & Application

    Know more about minimum requirements for application for student exchange programme and english language requirement as well as selection criteria for university-level student exchange programmes

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    Learn more >

    Preparing to Go Aboard

    Pack Bag
    Learn more >

    Health & insurance

    Red Cross
    Learn more >

    Student Exchange Partners

    Our persistent endeavour has resulted in over 450 exchange and collaborative programmes with institutions in more than 40 countries/regions, ranging from humanities to sciences, media studies to legal studies.
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    Safety & emergency

    Students may face difficult situations that they are not able to tackle on their own. Proper assistance and advice in such situations will not only help students through the difficult time but also contribute to a positive outcome.
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    Frequently asked questions can help you quickly solve your puzzles. Check the answers >


    Useful Resources

    Useful resources and information you might need for exchange. Information Center >