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    Library Services Offered to SCOPE Staff and Students


    Staff and Students with a valid smart card issued by SCOPE will be able to access the Library and check out print items. Remote access to electronic resources will be limited to ProQuest only. Reference and instructional services will be provided on a limited basis.

    Services for SCOPE Students with a Valid Smart Card Issued by SCOPE 1

    1. Access
      1. Students are given physical access to the Library.

    2. Loan/Request Quota 2
      Items Quota/Periods
      Circulating Books 10 items / 30 days
      Book Request Quota 2 items
      Media Resources 1 item / in-house use only
      Semi-closed (Reserve) / Closed Access Materials 3 items / 5 hours, 1 day or 3 days

    3. Electronic Resources
      1. Outside Library — only ProQuest databases.
      2. Inside Library (as walk-in users) — most electronic resources.
      3. Remote Access Guide

    4. Instructional Services and Tours
      1. No face-to-face instructional services (including library classes and library tours) are provided for SCOPE students.
      2. Library may consider giving training sessions to SCOPE staff or student ambassadors so that they can give tours to SCOPE students and visitors. Please make request in advance by sending email to lbinf@cityu.edu.hk.
      3. Most online instruction, including online tours, online tutorials and online guides developed for CityU students and staff are also accessible by SCOPE students.

    5. Reference Services
      1. Students may seek reference help at the Law & Reference Help Desk.

    6. Other Services and Facilities
      Services/Facilities Availability
      AV Equipment Yes
      Group Discussion Rooms No
      HKALL Books No
      Interlibrary Loan (ILL) No
      JULAC Card No
      Octopus Card-operated Fast Printing Yes
      Photocopying Yes
      Public Terminals (OPAC) Yes
      Quota Controlled Fast Printing No
      Special Terminals 3 Yes
      Study Carrels No
      Guided Library Tours No


    1. A library guide which contains information of the Library's services and quick links to access the resources available for SCOPE students is available at http://libguides.library.cityu.edu.hk/scope.
    2. Details refer to Library's Borrowing Regulations (http://www.g7335.com/lib/about/libreg/regulat.htm#loanquota). The Library may make any changes without further notice.
    3. For most SCOPE students with e-Portal access, they can use most PCs in the Library. For details, please refer to Library PC Interactive Floor Plan. For other SCOPE students without e-Portal access, they can also login some of the PCs in the Library.