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    You@CityUCity University of Hong Kong (CityU) is one of the most popular Hong Kong campuses, offering diverse opportunities for study and research. If you are keen to question, explore, be challenged and inspired, a warm welcome awaits at CityU. Today we are an internationally acclaimed university, dedicated to many disciplines, including business, creative media, energy and environment, law, liberal arts and social science, science and engineering, and veterinary medicine. At CityU, we see to it that the ever-changing 21st century landscape is one of opportunity for our graduates. We are committed to providing undergraduates with a professional education that leads to career success. If you're up to the challenge, this website will get you started.
    Discovery-enriched CurriculumOur unique Discovery-enriched Curriculum (DEC) encourages every student at CityU to learn, communicate and share new knowledge for the benefit of society. The DEC gives students an opportunity to make an original discovery while studying at CityU and inspires a passion for knowledge and innovation.

    Under the DEC, students acquire fundamental knowledge of a broad range of subjects by taking Gateway Education (GE) courses. Interdisciplinary elements incorporated into the students' majors facilitate all-round development and a more contextualised view of learning.

    The GE Lab, DEC labs and Innovation Commons support the DEC's key initiatives.
    Gateway Education
    Discovery-enriched Curriculum Labs
    Innovation Commons
    Graduate outcomes
    Campus LifeGetting to CityU couldn't be easier. Campus is just short walk from the Kowloon Tong MTR station, and it is connected by bus and train to all parts of Hong Kong. Once on campus, you will find yourself in a hi-tech environment. With more space thanks to our new buildings and extra room in the new halls of residence, CityU provides students with every opportunity to make the most of their university education.
    University library
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    Go Global
    Joint Bachelor's Degree Programmes
    Getting on CourseCityU's professional education prepares students for the challenges and opportunities opening up in Hong Kong, the Asia-Pacific region and throughout the world in business, creative media, energy and the environment, liberal arts and social sciences, law, science and engineering as well as veterinary medicine.

    CityU has performed strongly in international rankings. According to QS, CityU is ranked 55th in the world, 8th in Asia and 5th among the world's top 50 universities under 50 years of age.
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    College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
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    Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences
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